4th European Shiatsu Conference | Kiental 2014

//4th European Shiatsu Conference | Kiental 2014

This year the 4th European Shiatsu Conference will be held in Kiental. For the past year already an international group has been preparing this event.

Last year we had a survey asking lecturers and participants of the former conferences what subjects they favour fort the coming event. We were impressed by the sheer number of suggestions that poured in. From this list we have developed the spectrum of topics of the fourth conference.

The key note will be “Shiatsu as a career”. We chose this topic because of its importance for all Shiatsu practitioners, teachers and students. And yet for many it stays an unanswered question: shall I make Shiatsu my main profession? Can I earn my living practicing Shiatsu?

Bill Palmer and Mike Mandl offer an online forum in both English and German –www.esc-forum.com. The aim of this open forum is to find out what vital issues may arise when considering Shiatsu as a career, what are some possible answers and solutions to these issues and how can they be put into practice. The subject shall wind through the conference like a red thread. In a plenary session on the first evening we will discuss the current situation in Europe in regards to Shiatsu as a profession and resulting questions. In a second plenary session on the morning of the last day of the Congress we want to develop plans of action to make Shiatsu as a career a more realistic choice.

In addition to this main topic we will discuss any issues that arise out of such a career choice. For example, the impending recognition of Shiatsu as complementary therapy through a Higher Technical Exam by Federal authorities in Switzerland will no doubt be of high significance together with the aspect of procuring professional competence in a Shiatsu training.

The workshops and panel discussions on the following topics will be of great interest. Here you can find a detailled list.

Additionally there will be again the ‘Open Shiatsu Clinic’, in which 2 lecturers of the conference will meet clients with specific complaints. They will show how they work with such issues in their own practice. We expect high attendance at these events.

It will once again be a Shiatsu Conference with an interesting range of topics. If you would like to learn more about topics and lecturers of the upcoming Congress please have a look here. At this website you can also subscribe to the Shiatsu Conference newsletter and continuously update to the latest information. From February 2014 on you can register for the Shiatsu Congress on this website.

We look forward to welcoming Shiatsu practitioners and students from all over Europe in Kiental in October of 2014. We have no doubt that just like the previous ones this Congress will be a real highlight of European Shiatsu.


Kind regards,

Wilfried Rappenecker and the organizing team.


European Shiatsu Conference 2014